On Call (for Ob/Gyn emergencies)

There is always an Ob/Gyn Physician on call for emergencies, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The most frequent question we get is "does the on-call doctor always do the delivery?"

Even if your regular OB doctor is not on-call, the policy of our group is to do our best to be there for your delivery even if we are not on-call. The on-call doctor is likely to be your first contact in any urgent (unscheduled) situation at the Hospital. Once you have been evaluated, the on-call doctor will normally communicate the situation to your regular Ob doctor to see if he/she is available for any impending delivery or emergency C/S. Sometimes your regular OB doctor is on vacation, or otherwise unavailable. In those cases, you will be under the care of the on-call OB doctor.

Who are the other on-call doctors?

Effective September, 2013, our "call group" consists of the following ob/gyn physicians. The Fair Oaks Women's Health physicians (Dr. Jick, Dr. Fong, Dr. Mitri, Dr. Woo and Dr. Engorn). We also share call with Dr. Frances Teng and Dr. Natalie Moniaga (the two of them work with Healthcare Partners Ob/Gyn in Pasadena), and also with Dr. Beth Julian, who has a USC-affiliated private practice just across the hall from us. They are all excellent, local ob/gyn doctors in private practice and are all Board-Certified or Board-Eligible* (and darn nice folks, too!). Nite that effective January, 2019, Dr. Park is limiting her practice to Gyn only.

In an emergency, one of these doctors will always be available to help you! Just call our phone number,
(626) 304-2626, at any time. If we are closed, the voice mail will instruct you how to reach the doctor on call.

*A Board-Eligible Ob/Gyn has graduated from an Ob/Gyn Residency program, has passed their written ob/gyn Board exams, but must wait until at least their third year in practice to take the oral exams. Once the orals have been passed, the doctor becomes a Board-Certified Ob/Gyn.