Dear Patients and Friends,

It has been my greatest honor to get to know all of you and share in your joys and sorrows over the past 4 years.

From the moment my wife and I started medical school we bonded over our mutual goal of helping underserved communities and exposing ourselves to new challenges that we also felt would help us care for our patients better. As seniors in medical school we both worked in Tanzania, Africa for a month. This experience affected us so profoundly that ever since then we have felt like doing something similar, but on a larger scale.

Since the birth of our daughter Evelyn, we have also realized that we want to help her become a citizen of the world too, immersed in other cultures and environments. Thus, we have decided to take on that challenge with a one-year sabbatical from our medical careers here in the San Gabriel Valley. We plan to move to New Zealand, where a large underserved population exists, to immerse ourselves in the cultures of that region while we both work there as physicians. We will be leaving in July 2018 and returning in June of 2019.

For my patients, I know this news may come as a shock. Please rest assured that the excellent care you receive at Fair Oaks Women’s Health will always remain available to you. My assistants, Adrianna and Amanda, who know all of you so well, will happily transition you to one of the other physicians in the group during my absence.

Pasadena is our home and we know we are going to miss it very much. When we return, we will have many stories to share with you, and we can’t wait to hear all about your lives as well.

         Michael Mitri