Dr. Michael Mitri is taking one year off

His last day seeing patients will be June 22, 2018

Dear Patients, Staff and Colleagues of Fair Oaks Women's Health,

Dr. Michael Mitri and his physician-spouse Maggie have made the decision to move to New Zealand for a one year "sabbatical." They plan to work there as physicians for the under-served and also travel together and have some adventures. His last day of seeing patients at Fair Oaks Women's Health will be June 22, 2018.

Dr. Mitri knows that this news will be a big shock to many people. He has written a personal letter sharing in detail why he and his wife have made this decision.

Please click here to see this letter.

This news was also a surprise to us here at Fair Oaks Women's Health. Many staff cried when he announced this at an office meeting recently. We love working with him and having him around and we are going to miss him terribly, but we are also very proud of him for how committed he is to this cause. His year off will go by very quickly, and we will all be looking forwards to his return.

To Dr. Mitri's Patients:

Please do not worry about who will take care of you. We plan to have an ob/gyn physician who will start working with us before Dr Mitri leaves. Our group has 4 other Ob/Gyn physicians all ready and willing to help Dr. Mitri's patients in every possible way. We promise to take care of you, deliver your babies, do your well-woman exams, answer your questions, and provide all the ob/gyn medical care you need while Dr. Mitri is away.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at (626) 304-2626