Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Our practice uses an Electronic Medical Record (EMR). An EMR means that all of your medical information is securely stored and is instantly accessible digitally using our office computer system. Federal Regulations known as HIPPA are in place to protect the integrity and confidentiality of your electronic medical data.

Here are some of the advantages to you and to us of the EMR:

  • Your chart is always available and cannot get lost or “temporarily misplaced”.
  • When you call us, we can immediately look up your personal and your medical information.
  • The EMR does not lose any test results. They are stored permanently, and backups are constantly made and updated. 
  • We can run a report on any tests that have been ordered to see if they were done. For example, a mammogram was ordered 3 months ago and was not done yet. We can then send a reminder letter. 
  • We use the EMR for prescribing medication. There is no need to worry anymore about the doctor’s poor handwriting which might lead to the pharmacist dispensing the wrong medication or the wrong amount. Also, the EMR warns us about medication allergies or drug interactions.  
  • We can see if someone is overdue for their annual pap smear and then contact them.
  • We send reminders for appointments via text message, e-mail or phone call.
  • Our office is now digitally linked to surrounding medical facilities, as part of an HIE (Health Information Exchange) called Huntington Health e-Connect. We can now exchange medical information in a confidential and secure manner with other linked entities such as Huntington Hospital, Hill Imaging and Hill Breast Center, Huntington Lab and other entities.

Future developments

  • You will be able to go online to update your personal and medical information.
  • You will have a universal Electronic Health Record (EHR) that can be updated by different doctors in separate medical practices.
  • You might be given the option to participate in clinical research based on specific details about your health history. For example, a new test for early detection of cancer is being studied, and you have a family history of that type of cancer identified in your EMR. You then might be invited to participate in this study.

Here are some features of our high-tech electronic records system:

  • We receive results in digital format from Huntington Hospital, Hill Breast Center and Primex Labs.
    These results are sent in a secure manner compliant with all HIPPA guidelines.
  • All of our ultrasound images are saved directly to the computer and are backed up.
  • All ultrasound reports are generated using computer software, giving us the ability to produce growth charts of each fetus. Most other doctor's offices handwrite these reports (usually they scribble them!)
  • All incoming reports such as operative reports, letters from other doctors, lab and X-Ray results and more are scanned or electronically directed into the system.
  • Your photo can be part of your medical record, helping to protect your identity

The EMR system we are using is called
PrimeSUITE, an amazing product
produced by Greenway Health.