Huntington Hospital Services

Childbirth Education Classes: including breastfeeding, infant care, infant CPR and more

Maternity Tour and Orientation: offered twice a month, free of charge!

Breastfeeding Center: Lactation consultants are available to help you succeed at breastfeeding your newborn

Obstetric Anesthesia: Available 24 hours a day. The doctor is always "in" (or...epidurals around-the-clock!)

Neonatal ICU: One of the largest (and best!) Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) in the region - availability of Pediatric subspecialists such as Neonatologists, Pediatric Cardiologists, Pediatric Surgeons and more

Laborist Program: 24 hour a day emergency Ob/Gyn physician immediately available

Huntington Hospital Fetal Surgery Program: Huntington Memorial Hospital Maternal/Children's Services, in partnership with USC Institute for Maternal-Fetal Health (IMFH), is proud to announce that Huntington Hospital will now offer a Fetal Surgery Program to identify and treat medical problems in children while they are still in the womb. This technique, called ÔÇťoperative fetoscopy," is performed under local anesthesia via an incision. Huntington Hospital is one of very few hospitals in the country to treat the fetus as a patient.

12-bed Perinatal High-Risk Unit (PHRU)

Minimally Invasive Surgery Center at Huntington Hospital: Our gynecologists perform advanced digital video laparoscopic and hysteroscopic procedures including TLH (total laparoscopic hysterectomy).

DaVinci Robotic Assisted Surgery: Huntington Hospital has 3 Operating Rooms that have a dedicated Da Vinci System in the room, and a specially trained team assigned as well.

Nearby presence of HRC Fertility (formerly Huntington Reproductive Center), one of the largest and most successful IVF programs in the U.S.

Close working relationship with Children's Hospital, Los Angeles for the emergency transport of babies with rare or serious conditions requiring highly specialized management.

Local presence of USC Perinatologists (Maternal-Fetal Medicine) for consultation as needed.