How Moms-To-Be Can Save Money at the Start of Motherhood

Emily Graham |     |

Bibs, bottles, breast pumps, strollers, swings, swaddlers, diapers, diaper bags, diaper pails, car seats, cribs, carriers, mattresses, monitors, the list goes on. These are just a handful of the many things new moms need when building up their collection of baby necessities. Motherhood is a whole new life with a whole new set of needs, which means a new budget to create. As you spend your pregnancy planning a budget for when baby arrives, keep these money-saving ideas in mind.

For Baby: Only Get What’s Needed
All those little things add up. If you indulge in every appealing or nifty item that’s available for your baby, you’ll soon find yourself in the hole financially while living among a pile of unused items. This is why you should zero in on what you really need.

Research wishlist items.
Even if others are buying items via your
baby registry, it’s still money and space wasted to have it sitting around the house. Research all the baby items that you’re considering before you put it on your list. Ask yourself if it’s necessary and find out what the reviews say about its usefulness and effectiveness.

Put bigger items on the baby registry.
As tempting as it might be to list knick-knacks
like a Nose Frida, stick to the bigger ticket items and leave the smaller necessities for your own budget. Your registry research should help you decide what you need but won’t buy yourself, like gadgets and tech items. A baby food blender could be very useful if you plan to make your baby food, and a high-tech monitor can track your baby’s vitals and give you peace of mind from the other room. These types of items are great baby shower gifts because they allow loved ones to contribute something they know you’ll use often, and it saves you money by not having to purchase it.

Source the Internet to find out what’s useful.
Moms of the Internet unanimously agree that wipe warmers and baby shoes are useless. Moms are some of the most honest and prolific posters online, so get your advice on the forums and mom blogs where they frequent. These ladies will give you the lowdown on what you won’t actually need once the baby is born. Listen to them, not the ads that swear you’ll need what they’re selling. The merchants are trying to make you spend money. Other moms want to help you save it.

For Mommy: Build Your Wardrobe on a Budget
While you can continue to wear your regular leggings and baggy sweaters throughout your pregnancy, you’ll still need to stock up on maternity and post-maternity clothes for non-stretchy, non-baggy clothes.

Use coupons to fund your maternity wardrobe.
Be a pragmatic shopper by searching for online coupons before you buy anything. Stores like Old Navy usually have
coupons and discounts to allow you to save, on top of their already low prices. Once you have a brand or store in mind for clothes, check online for coupons to get the most bang for your buck.

Don’t forget to add nursing bras to your post-maternity wardrobe. They differ from regular bras in that they provide easy access for your baby without the need to remove your bra. You can find deals online to help you save money, including promotional prices on bundles. 

Go with secondhand goods.
Ask for hand-me-downs for you and your baby. A friend or relative might have maternity clothes or baby clothes that have been outgrown in a closet somewhere. If you don’t have anyone in your network with extra things to give away, try shopping at a thrift store or the
online secondhand marketplace. The baby clothes at those stores have likely only been worn once, if at all.

Nobody ever said that having a baby is good for your bank account, but parenting doesn’t have to put you in the red. It takes careful planning and budgeting during your pregnancy, frugality, and thoughtful spending. And by the time you’re ready for baby #2, you’ll have amassed a decent collection of baby items that you won’t have to buy again.