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Welcome to Our Practice

Patient Information Form

Insurance Information Form

NEW (or RETURN) OB Patient History Form
Please mail this form to us at least 3 days before your first visit.
You can also e-mail it as a pdf file to:
You should fill out this form whether or not you are a new patient to our practice or a return patient. If you arrive here and this form has not been filled in yet, it will need to be filled out after you arrive and you might end up being delayed or possibly even missing your appointment.

Privacy Policy. Here is a pdf version of our HIPAA Privacy Notice that you can download.

Office and Financial Policies: Please review our policies so you will know what our expectations are.

Transfer of Care - Request Medical Records to be sent to us. If you are transferring your OB care to us,
please use this form to request that your previous practice send us a copy of your records. Thank you.

List of our OB Services

Article about Twin Pregnancies
Our group has delivered more than 300 sets of twins. Dr. Jick has delivered more than 200 sets over his career. Click here for our article about Twins.

Congratulations! We look forward to meeting you.