OB Transfer of Care

If you are receiving prenatal care somewhere else and would like to come to our practice for the remainder of your pregnancy and delivery of your baby (or babies), we call that an OB transfer. This means you are transferring your obstetrical care to us.

We accept OB transfer patients from all over - some patients have just moved here, some are local and want to switch groups, and some of our patients come here from other countries including China, Russia, Israel, Saudi Arabia and others.

Transfer of Care Process

  1. Send an e-mail to: obgyn@fowh.com. You can attach documents to your e-mail.
  2. Click here for our cash pay policy
  3. Click here for a form to have medical records transferred to us
  4. Click here for a Patient Information form to fill out and e-mail to us
  5. Click here to go to our OB Patient Web Page where a complete packet of forms can be downloaded.
  6. Read our Welcome Letter

Transfer of Care Coordinator (TOCC)

One of our staff members has been designated our Transfer of Care Coordinator (TOCC). She will contact you as soon as possible to help you arrange your first appointments with us. Christine is our designated TOCC.

At Your First Appointment we will arrange the following:

  1. There are some more forms to fill out (doctors offices require a lot of forms, sorry)
  2. An ultrasound of your baby (sonogram)
  3. A consultation with your Obstetrician
  4. We will provide a bag filled with gifts and important forms and handouts
  5. We will have you meet the Office Manager to discuss fees and sign papers
  6. We will perform necessary lab tests
  7. We will provide you prenatal vitamin samples if you need them
  8. We will help you schedule the rest of your prenatal visits

Transfer Patients from China