Online Reviews

As you know, the Internet helps people to obtain and evaluate medical information. It also allows everyone to comment on their experiences with their doctors. Many people use this important information to decide which doctors might be best for their health conditions.

Patients usually like their doctors very much, yet as you might have noticed, Internet users post more restaurant reviews than doctor reviews!

Women who are looking for medical help need advice and information so they can make informed decisions. Just as you needed information to decide on choosing one of our doctors for your ob/gyn medical care, others need information and details to help them make their own decisions.

We hope our online reputation reflects what our patients truly think of our practice.

If we have given you excellent medical care, will you tell others about it?
If not, would you contact us directly with your concerns?
We would greatly appreciate it.

Yours truly,

Bryan S. Jick, M.D.
Jennifer Y. Park, M.D.
Della J. Fong, M.D.
Michael S. Mitri, M.D.
Joanna Y. Woo, D.O.


Dr. Bryan Jick 

Dr. Jennifer Park 

Dr. Della Fong 

 Dr. Michael Mitri

Dr. Joanna Woo

Yelp Reviews

  1. Go to Yelp for Pasadena
  2. In the “Search For” box at the top, enter "Dr. Bryan Jick" , "Dr. Jennifer Park" ,
    "Dr. Della Fong" , "Dr. Michael Mitri" , "Dr. Joanna Y. Woo" , or "Fair Oaks Women’s Health."
  3. It should say “Pasadena, CA” in the Near Box. If not, then enter that also.
  4. Click on the Dr. name to go to their Yelp page.
  5. Click “Write a Review.”
  6. THANKS!