Letter from a Patient

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4 November 2017

Dear Dr. Jicks (sic):

I would like to commend you on your practice. Dr. Jennifer Parks (sic) has been my physician for almost 6 years now. I began bioidentical hormone therapy after consulting Dr. Maupin's practice in Missouri, but because I lived in California, I was very happy when 1 was referred to Dr. Parks.

My case was rather odd and presented challenges outside of even the wide range of normal menopause. When I began seeing Dr. Parks, my symptoms were not well controlled. I am fairly confident in saying that I was a "difficult" patient to treat.

When I moved to the East Coast in …, I found no other physician near her in professionalism, knowledge, compassion, skill, and dedication. I have been flying to see her regularly ever since then.

Dr. Parks has proven to me that the Medical Field is both a science and an art. I take great comfort in that for it reinforces that knowledge and art, working together, are wonderfully re-creative. My health and my life have been restored.

Dr. Jicks, your practice has a wonderful reputation. I have always had positive experiences - including from everyone who makes the office function smoothly. Dr. Jennifer Parks is a rare person and physician, and she is the reason 1 will return even though I live on the other side of the United States. When I think back through all the physicians I have seen personally or interacted with professionally, she stands out.

It is your practice; I commend you and thank you.

Sincerely, P.Y., Pennsylvania

P.S. A Nurse Practitioner [student], Marlene, was following Dr. Parks … on the date of my last appointment. I was very impressed with her ability to develop rapport and establish trust. She was thoughtful, insightful, and knowledgeable. The questions she asked were pertinent, and she listened carefully to the responses. No doubt her unique educational background (as well as her life experiences) plays a role in her ability to relate to one menopausal patient well, but I found her singularly unusual and therefore worth bringing to your attention.

cc: Ms Mercedes Bin