SculpSure Pre-Treatment Information

Important Issues

1. We cannot perform SculpSure® on you if you have ever been treated with Gold therapy in the past, are immunosuppressed (for example have HIV or leukemia) or take immunosuppressant medications (organ transplant meds or steroids) or if there are open wounds in the treatment area.
2. We cannot treat the area if there is an unrepaired abdominal hernia there.
3. If you have had Accutane, then SculpSure® should wait until 6 months afterwards.
4. If you have had a baby, SculpSure® should wait until 3 months postpartum, or 3 months after weaning off breastfeeding.
5. If you have skin photosensitivity (rashes caused by light), this might not be the right procedure for you.
6. If you do not feel pain in the treatment area, this can increase the risk of skin burns. You must have skin sensation in the treatment location.
7. If you have had significant sun exposure in the treatment area within 7 days prior, there is an increased risk of a skin burn from the procedure.

SculpSure® Pre-treatment instructions:

Prior to your treatment, we advise the following:
1. Make sure to inform us of any medications you are taking or have recently taken, and any health conditions you have been diagnosed with or are being treated for.
2. Shower prior to your treatment. Do not place any skin creams or oils in the target area prior to treatment.
The skin should be nice and clean beforehand. If there is a lot of hair in the treatment area, please shave it.
3. Avoid sun exposure of the treatment area for 7 days prior to the treatment (and do not plan for sun exposure for the next 7 days afterwards also).
4. Do not come on an empty stomach. Eat something ahead of time and drink some fluids also. Being well hydrated helps the healing process. Also, avoid alcohol the night before.
5. If you take any anti-inflammatory OR blood thinning medication or supplements (such as aspirin, Advil, Motrin, Aleve, Ibuprofen, Garlic, Ginger Gingko, Vitamin E, etc.), STOP them 7 days before. This helps lower the chance of bruising and allows for your body’s natural inflammation processes which help destroy the damaged fat cells.
6. If you own black underwear or panties (or Speedos or a bikini lower half), please wear them. We prefer black for our “before” photos. Wear comfortable clothing also, like exercise clothes or “sweats.”
7. The SculpSure® procedure is eye safe. There is no need to wear protective eyewear.
8. Treatment sessions can last 25 to 50 minutes. Bring a smartphone, book or magazine if you wish. We prefer no guests as we want you to be able to be relaxed and comfortable, but this is up to you.