Vaginal Atrophy and Painful Sex

Vaginal Atrophy, sometimes called atrophic vaginitis (AV), is a common condition affecting tens of millions of women in the U.S. The symptoms include chronic vaginal dryness, painful vaginal burning, vaginal irritation, urinary urgency and urinary frequency. Sexual intercourse is usually painful and for some women it is unbearable. This condition is caused by low estrogen levels that lead to a thinning and drying out of the mucous membrane lining of the vagina.
The most common cause of low estrogen levels is menopause. The symptoms of AV range from mild vaginal dryness to severe burning pain. Another cause of loss of estrogen is chemotherapy which can trigger premature menopause. Breast cancer survivors can experience severe AV since they are not allowed to use estrogen and their hormone treatments often include medications that block the effects of estrogen.

The ValayzaTM Procedure

The ValayzaTM Procedure is a vaginal laser treatment for vaginal atrophy and painful sex. This brief and nearly painless procedure requires just three sessions, spaced about six weeks apart. Due to the thermal stimulation of the vaginal tissues, the body responds with a new growth of collagen and elastin in the vaginal walls, causing the vaginal lining to become thicker and more stretchable, similar to the lining when estrogen is present. For years, we have known that laser treatments of the face can "turn back the clock" and now we can use the same technology vaginally.

Renew, Restore, Revive! The Three R's of ValayzaTM

Renew the tissues to a more youthful state due to the healing response initiated by the laser's thermal effects
Restore vaginal health, moisture and lubrication and decrease pain, burning and dryness.
Revive your sex life !

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A new treatment for Vaginal Atrophy and Painful Sex

Thank you for your interest in the ValayzaTM Procedure. We are so excited to be able to provide this amazing vaginal laser procedure for our patients.

Reversal of vaginal atrophy, restoration of vaginal lubrication and moisture and dramatic improvements in sexual pleasure, satisfaction and sensation are just a laser beam away. That's ValayzaTM !


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