Sometime referred to as the "annual exam" the well-woman exam (WW) is an important preventive
health check-up for women. It is not just having a pap smear.

At the WW exam, we generally do the following:

  1. We review your medical history, especially any changes since your last WW exam.
  2. We discuss any symptoms you have that concern you, focusing on the Gyn areas such as breast, abdomen, pelvic and vaginal/vulva areas.
  3. We review the Interval History form you have filled out. You can download this form ahead of time.
  4. We do a complete Gyn exam including your weight, blood pressure, breast, abdomen and pelvic exam.
  5. We perform a pap smear if necessary.
  6. We perform other tests as needed, sometimes a vaginal culture for example.
  7. We order additional tests as needed such as mammograms, breast or pelvic ultrasounds, blood tests such as our WW panel, urine tests, hormone tests, and others.
  8. We help you arrange other testing such as pelvic ultrasound, colonoscopy, bone density and more.
  9. We can refer you to other providers as needed.
  10. We can arrange follow-up for any problems that were not fully addressed during this visit.

Forms - please download and fill these out before your WW visit.
This would save a lot of time !

Interval History Form - streamlined for 2019, easier to fill out

Patient Information Update Form - now just fill out a shorter update only form

Insurance Information Form

These forms are also available on our Patient Portal