To Patients of Dr. Ajilore


Dr. Jick

From Dr. Bryan Jick

Dear Patients of Dr. Ebenezer Ajilore and Pasadena Women's Medical Group. Please read the comments below from Dr. Ajilore.

Your women's healthcare and needs are of utmost importance to Dr. Ajilore and to all our Fair Oaks Women's Health Ob/Gyn physicians as well. Dr. Ajilore has asked our group to provide continuity of care for his patients as he transitions out of practice.

We welcome you to our group where we provide comprehensive women's healthcare and more. Please review our website and please read the material below. It will help you to integrate into our practice as new patients.


Bryan S Jick, MD, FACOG.

Dr Ajilore

My Dear Patients,

As of January 1, 2023, I plan to be off on a year-long sabbatical or leave; and will not be available to provide ob/gyn medical care.

Your healthcare is priceless and you need to know that I am not selling my practice. My plan is to transfer your care to the Fair Oaks Women’s Health Ob/Gyn group here in Pasadena. This group was started 13 years ago by Dr. Bryan Jick, who has been in practice in Pasadena for more than 30 years. Dr. Jick is a trusted and valued colleague of mine, and we have been friends for decades.

This is a group has six excellent Ob/Gyn doctors whose philosophy agrees with mine immensely. I am sure you will be impressed with their care. However, if you wish to seek healthcare from another group or any individual ob/gyn, please call Huntington Hospital Physician Referral service or the Los Angeles County Medical Association.

Dr. Ajilore

I have placed all your records in storage and have arranged with Fair Oaks Women’s Health for those records to be available, but this is on a scheduled basis. When you call Fair Oaks Women’s Health, please be prepared to begin the process of establishing care as a new patient with their group. They will help guide you through this.

I will miss you all and it has been my honor and privilege throughout my career to provide your care, your precious successful deliveries.

Sincerely, your doctor

Ebenezer O. Ajilore, M.D.

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