FOWH Visitors Policy (Updated)

5/15/21: As COVID cases decrease and the number of vaccinated people increase, some precautions have been relaxed. We are a healthcare facility and many of our patients are not vaccinated, so it is not possible for us to eliminate all of our precautions, but we are relaxing them, as follows:

Effective Immediately:

  • All OB patients may have one visitor with them for their ultrasounds and their prenatal exams and it has to be the same person for both.
  • Visitors are not allowed in the waiting room, they should remain close by, and as soon as we bring the patient back for their ultrasound or their prenatal visit, the visitor is welcome to join them.
  • Visitors still need to be screened at the front door and must wear masks at all times.
  • We are NOT asking patients or visitors if they are vaccinated. This policy is the same for all of our patients.
  • No visitors allowed in the waiting room. Patients only.
  • All patients will receive text messages asking them to wait in their car (or nearby) until we are ready for their appt. (Click here to read about our Text Message Appt Notification).
  • ALL patients and guests will be screened before they are allowed into the office. We will do a quick "no-touch" temp. We will ask you to sign off on some screening questions. If your temp is 99 degrees or over, you will have to wait outside the office until a provider can evaluate the situation. There is ample space in the lobby downstairs for visitors to wait. All staff are being screened the same as our patients and guests.