The visitation practice in L&D includes a healthy birth support person in addition to the healthy birth partner. The birth support person may either be a doula or another individual of the patient’s choice.

The healthy birth support person will follow the same guidelines as the birth partner:

  • **Note New COVID testing program - see prior item.
  • COVID screening will take place prior to entry to L&D and every 12 hours.
  • Masks are to be worn while in the hospital and in the Labor Room.
  • Prior to the transfer of mother, newborn and birth partner to the Mother-Baby unit (Maternity), the birth support person has to leave the hospital.
  • The birth partner and birth support person may go to the cafeteria and gift shop during their stay at the hospital, but not leave the hospital.
  • In addition to standard medical care by RN's, the hospital has created Birth Support Teams to provide extra support for laboring patients who need it. These are hospital employees knowledgeable about birthing (not nurses) and they are also available to assist women giving birth and afterwards.

If you have further questions, please contact the Labor and Delivery Manager Amy Pendleton by email at amy.pendleton@huntingtonhospital.com.