HH L&D COVID Testing

The following testing protocol has been established in the Labor and Delivery Department:

"In response to the current community surge in COVID-19, we will implement testing of ALL birth partners and certified doulas as a requirement on the unit. All birth partners and/or certified doulas will be required to take a rapid Abbott ID COVID test upon admission to the birthing unit.

The healthy birth partner will be admitted with the patient into OBED, where the swab will be obtained simultaneously and await results. If a doula accompanies that patient, the doula will be escorted to an open OBED room for COVID testing and results.

If the birth partner or doula test positive, they will not be permitted to stay in the hospital. Masks are required to be worn in the hospital at all times and doulas are asked to wear face masks & face shield or googles at all times.

Statement from CDPH (Cal Dept Public Health) on Doulas

Labor and Delivery Patients

  • The presence of a partner or support person is essential to the mental health of patients who are in labor and delivery. CDPH recommends that one support person be allowed to be present with the patient. In addition to the support person, CDPH recommends that a doula, if desired by the patient, be permitted to be present if prior arrangements have been made with the hospital and the doula complies with hospital PPE and infection control guidelines.

California Dept. of Public Health Policy on Doulas (10/23/2020):