HH OB Policies

Labor and Delivery Department Policies


  • Universal COVID testing (nasal swab) for ALL obstetrical patients presenting to Labor and Delivery is being done. Results are available in about 1 hour.
  • Scheduled C/S patients and scheduled induction patients will be tested after they arrive.
  • If the patient tests COVID-19 POSITIVE, the birth partner will be unable to stay with patient and will be sent home, and NICU will attend the delivery and transport the newborn to the Isolation Nursery. We know this sounds harsh but COVID is too contagious to risk anyone else getting sick.


  • All patients (labor checks, C/S, or OB problems) will check-in to the OB ED (Obstetrical Emergency Department)
  • ONLY the patient will enter the OB ED (the Birth Partner and birth support person (if present) will have to wait outside the Unit until the patient is admitted or is discharged home).

  • If the patient is admitted, their healthy birth partner will then be allowed into the Labor and Delivery Unit. In addition to the birth partner, one birth support person is also allowed into the Labor Room.
  • Patients have to limit personal belongings brought from home to ONE bag per family (not one bag per person). Bring this with you when you arrive at the Hospital, since you are not supposed to leave after you arrive.
  • The Hospital will provide meals* and toiletries.
  • All labor rooms and all maternity rooms have bathrooms with showers. (See below for information about the High-Risk OB Unit (PHRU))**
  • After the delivery, the birth support person has to leave. The birth partner remains with the patient when she transfers to the Maternity Unit.
  • All L&D patients have a Registered Nurse (RN) assigned to them.

    At Huntington Hospital nobody will give birth alone.

*meals are ordered using "room service". This shuts down at 7 pm, and reopens at 6 am. Until further notice, outside food is not allowed. Late night snacks are also available, ask your nurse. Cafeteria access has been granted for birth partners and birth support persons.

**For patients admitted to the Perinatal High Risk Unit (PHRU), the birth partner has two options:

  1. First Option - the support person may stay for the entirety of the hospital admission with meals and toiletries provided, with the understanding that they will not be permitted to leave the room.
  2. Second Option - one designated healthy support person will be allowed 2 consecutive hours per day visiting. This person must be the same person each day and an assessment will take place upon arriving to PHRU.