Huntington Hospital

Huntington Hospital has cancelled all non-urgent surgery. Urgent usually means things like cancer, trauma, C/S and emergencies (like appendectomy). Non-urgent usually means any surgery that can be delayed without danger to the patient.

This DOES NOT affect scheduled C/S as these cannot be delayed.

Visitor restrictions

All maternity tours and prenatal education classes have been cancelled. No visitors under age 15 are being allowed. Additionally, there is a visitation restriction for women in labor or having a C/S. ONE SIGNIFICANT OTHER ONLY. No other guests or visitors. No doulas. This also applies to the Maternity (Postpartum) Unit and the Neonatal ICU (NICU). One guest only, must be the significant other of the patient. Click here for the full hospital policy.

Click here for Huntington Hospital COVID-19 information

You can call their COVID-19 phone line with questions at (626) 397-3777.