New EMR System

We are now using our new powerful and modern electronic medical records system from athenahealth.

The power of the athenahealth EMR

"The latest breakthrough in medicine isn’t medicine—it’s the collective knowledge of more than 160,000 providers and 100 million patients, sharing everything they know on the nation's most connected healthcare network."

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athenahealth: VISION

"Our vision is to create a thriving ecosystem that delivers accessible, high-quality, and sustainable healthcare for all, and we are pursuing this through our medical record, revenue cycle, patient engagement, and care coordination service offerings."

"Intuitive workflows and an integrated mobile app save providers and staff time so that they can focus on what matters most – the patient. Athenahealth’s EHR system continuously learns from our network of over 160,000 providers and delivers relevant patient information—in the moment of care."



  1. Advanced Patient Portal - you can update your medical information, request appointments and medication refills, pay bills online, and more...
  2. Patients can check-in by smartphone, tablet or computer - you can confirm or update your address, phone numbers and insurance info; review and sign documents; take a picture of your insurance card and send it to us; all of this days before you step into our office.
  3. athena software provides care reminders to providers - in real time, helping us to maintain population health and quality measures recommended by various agencies and organizations.
  4. Our practice can send digital reminders for coming appointments, annual exams that are due, or messages about a provider being unavailable due to an emergency.
  5. For the staff and providers, the cloud-based, device independent athenahealth platform, with a mobile app as well, is a huge step forwards into the future of medical practice software.
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We are a few months into our new EMR system and things continue to improve. We're sorry for the delays in answering the phones and the waits to be seen and we appreciate your patience during this transition.

Changing from one EMR to another is difficult. Everyone in the office is affected - patients, staff, and doctors - as we all try to adjust, adapt and learn.

Anyone who works with computers knows that bringing onboard a new system is stressful and challenging, no matter how much preparation has been done.

New software also means new data entry, and lots of it. We will always have access to all your medical records in the prior system, but not all the information was able to migrate to our new one.

Every patient's record needs to be updated and confirmed accurate, which will add a few minutes to your appointment. Insurance information, medications and allergies, especially must be correct. So again, please bear with us.

Thank you so much for your understanding as we move forwards with our amazing new athenahealth medical records system.