Here are the files on the USB drive we give to our new OB patients.

FOWH Welcome Letter 2022.pdf

FOWH Ob Guide 2022.pdf

FOWH OB Consents.pdf

FOWH 24 weeks Preparing for Delivery

FOWH 36 weeks handout

ACOG Newborn Screening.pdf

ACOG Prenatal Diagnostic Testing.pdf

Birth Doula Flyer Mary Nunez.pdf

CA Paid Family Leave Brochure.pdf

CA Paid Family Leave Fact Sheet.pdf

CA Paid Family Leave Flyer.pdf

CA Paid Family Leave Important Information.pdf

CA State Disability SDI Online Fact Sheet.pdf

CA State Disability SDI Online.pdf

CDPH Newborn Screening Panel.pdf

CDPH PN Screening Program Patient Booklet.pdf

CDPH Prenatal Screening Tests.pdf

CDPH Prenatal DiagnosticTests.pdf

Cell Free Fetal DNA Screening NIPT Infographic.pdf

FOWH Cost of NIPT 2022.pdf

FOWH Credit Card Auth 2022.pdf

FOWH Dear Pre-Op CS Patient.pdf

FOWH Depression Questionnaire EPDS.pdf

FOWH Explanation of Medical Billing.pdf

FOWH Fetal Kick Counts.pdf

FOWH Financial Policies 2022.pdf

FOWH HIPPA Privacy Notice FOWH 2020.pdf

FOWH OB Fees Policy 2022.pdf

FOWH OB Sono Policy 2022.pdf

FOWH Prenatal Tests 2022.pdf

FOWH Records Request To Us 2020.pdf

FOWH Your Multiple Gestation Pregnancy.pdf

Get the Epidural.pdf

HH Birth Partnership Form

HH Family Birth Center Doula Program

HH Labor and Delivery Reg Form.pdf

HH Maternity Personal Checklist.pdf

HH Maternity Welcome Letter.pdf

Hold Me Close Study.pdf

Key Laws Poster for Parents.pdf

LabCorp Genetic Counseling.pdf

LabCorp Inheritest Carrier Screen.pdf

LabCorp MaterniT 21 PLUS.pdf

LabCorp MaterniT GENOME test.pdf

Marina's Oasis.pdf

Morning Sickness Help.pdf

Paternal Exposures And Pregnancy.pdf

Patient Guide to Blood Transfusion.pdf

Protein content of common foods.pdf

SpeakUp PostPartum Depression.pdf

Sterilization Info Female.pdf

Sterilization Info Male.pdf

Vaccinations During Pregnancy.pdf