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Bio-Identical Hormones

Learn more about how tiny pellets under the skin can provide bio-identical hormones.

Bio-identical Hormone Therapy for Women and Men

Pasadena Pellet Therapy, located in our office, is a separate practice from Fair Oaks Women's Health.

Dr. Jennifer Park, along with Dr. Bryan Jick, and their staff at Pasadena Pellet Therapy, have been providing pellet therapy and bio-identical hormone therapy (BHT) for men and women in Pasadena, California, since 2010.

The medical professionals at Pasadena Pellet Therapy provide care and treatment for problems associated with hormone imbalances, including decreased sex drive, low energy, menopause, and low testosterone, and more.

Pasadena Pellet Therapy specializes in restoring the hormonal balance in your body by replacing what is missing. They use one of the most effective treatments available, which is the placement of small dissolvable pellets just under the skin, containing pure bioidentical estrogen or testosterone. The pellets are about the size of a grain of rice. Placing the pellets under your skin allows for superior absorption because the hormones go directly into your bloodstream, in a steady state, 24 hours a day, with benefits lasting for months.

If you are a woman who suffers from decreased libido, mood swings, or low energy or you are male with low sex drive, low energy, or other problems accompanied by low testosterone blood levels, we can help. Call or make an appointment online today at Pasadena Pellet Therapy.

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