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How do I request an appointment?

Under My Appointments, select Request, and select New to request a new appointment.

How do I cancel, or reschedule an appointment?

Please contact us. Call (626) 304-2626.

How do I fill out health history forms requested by the office?

Under My Health, select Health History Forms and select a form to fill out. (You can only see the online Health History Forms if your doctor's office offers them). Do this for every form you are asked to complete. If you don't have time to finish a form, click Finish Later in the form, which saves your answers for later. Forms that haven't been finished are marked as being 'In Progress' in the Health History Forms list.

How do I request a medication prescription refill?

Under My Health, select Medications. There, you can select the Refill Medications button. Note that the Refill Medications button will only show up if your practice takes online refill requests at this time. If this button is not there, you will need to call the office directly.

How do I ask a question of my physician or the office?

Under My Messages, select New, and from the "I would like to"… list, and choose the appropriate question.

Where do I see my lab results?

Lab results will display under My Health, in the Summary page, under the Tests and Results section. If you do not see your lab results, contact your care provider.

What if two or more of my care providers use MyHealthRecord.com, do I need a different login for each?

No you don't. You can access both sets of records using one login to MyHealthRecord.com, and switch between them using the Welcome or Viewing menu in the Navigation bar ("Welcome, Jason" or "Viewing Jessica's Profile").

Why can't I see attachments on my messages?

Make sure that cookies are enabled on your browser.

How do I pay my bill online?

There is a Pay My Bill option in the Navigation bar. You can also pay directly on our web site.