Preparing for Delivery

The big day is approaching and there is still a lot to be done!
This article is a "to-do" list to help you plan for your upcoming delivery.

Childbirth Preparation Classes

Huntington Hospital offers childbirth preparation classes. Call (626) 397-8768. They have online registration on their web page.  Classes are offered weeknights as well as weekend days. You can sign up for a breastfeeding class, an infant care class, a labor and birth preparation class and an infant CPR class. After your baby is 8 weeks old, you can bring him or her (or them!) to the fun Mommy and Me class.

Saving Cord Blood

Have you decided if you are going to preserve your baby’s extra umbilical cord blood? The stem cells in the cord blood are frozen and can be used years later to treat various life-threatening conditions. Some companies also allow you to save the umbilical cord itself, a rich source of a different type of stem cell than what is found in the cord blood. Click here to read more about cord blood banking.

Glucose Testing

At 28 weeks (earlier for high-risk patients), you need the 1-hour glucose challenge test to check for possible diabetes of pregnancy. We also check for anemia at this time, and if you are Rh negative you will receive treatment for this as well.


Your newborn needs to be under the care of a Pediatrician on staff at Huntington Hospital. Let us know if you need help selecting your Pediatrician.

Labor and Delivery (L&D) Registration

You need to fill in and mail the Huntington Hospital Labor and Delivery Registration Form. This was included on the USB flash drive we gave you at the start of your prenatal care with us. You can click the link in this section for a pdf version of the form. Print the form, fill in in and then fax or mail it to Huntington Hospital. The Hospital will send you confirmation after you submit this form (it might take a few weeks but they will send it).

Maternity Unit Tour

There is a free Maternity Orientation and Tour of the Huntington Hospital Labor and Delivery Department. It is offered monthly at 2 p.m. on the first Sunday or 7 p.m. on the third Monday (excluding holidays). You should register online for this orientation. See the OB Booklet for more information.

Breast Pumps

With most medical insurances, a breast pump can be obtained free of charge. An easy way to do this is to Google the phrase “free breast pump.” Click on a provider and enter your insurance information. If they accept it, you can request it online. We also like the Hygeia brand breast pump. These are hospital-grade, cordless, and free.

Click here for a form you can fill out and send to them. Easy !

TDaP - Whooping Cough Vaccine

It is normal to receive a dose of whooping cough vaccine, called TDaP, during the third trimester. We advise spouse/partners to have this, grandparents, and close caregivers. Click here for a graphic from the CDC.

Birth Plans

Do you plan on having an epidural, going natural or just waiting to see what labor is like? Please see
our OB Guidebook for a discussion of Birth Plans (we prefer the term “Birth Preferences”).

Download a checklist of the above