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FOWH Top Ten

Top 10 reasons you should become a patient at Fair Oaks Women's Health!

1. We have full-time Ob and Gyn Ultrasound on site.

We have a full-time OB and Gyn ultrasound department in our office, which makes it easier and convenient for you to schedule and receive your ultrasound exam.

For OB patients, 3D ultrasound - which reveals what your unborn baby's face looks like, is also available.

2. We see High-Risk and Normal Pregnancies.

We manage nearly all aspects of high risk pregnancy in our office, including genetic testing (for mom and baby), prenatal birth defect screening, obstetrical ultrasound (including 3D and 4D), nuchal translucency testing and non-stress testing (NST's) and all lab tests which include blood, urine and bacteriological.

3. We have a blood draw and lab on site.

Our lab opens daily starting at 8:00 a.m., Monday through Friday, and no appointment is necessary. Our specimens are picked up by Primex Labs, a high quality independent lab here in Los Angeles.

[Note that Fair Oaks Women's Health is not affiliated with Primex Labs. They are in our office as a convenience for patients.]

4. We have been using an electronic medical records system (EMR) since 2008.

Because of our EMR, charts are never misplaced and we can securely access your chart 24/7. We send prescriptions electronically directly to your pharmacy. We import medical records and forms sent to us as pdf files or faxes, without having to print. We have a patient portal allowing you to request your test results, send secure messages to the office, request appointments and more.

After 12 years with our prior EMR, we are now live with a new EMR system from athena health. Click here to learn more about this amazing and powerful medical records software.

5.  We have the MonaLisa Touch® Vaginal Laser.

This is a laser treatment for vaginal dryness and painful intercourse caused by the loss of estrogen after menopause. Painless and effective! Click here to learn about the Valayza vaginal laser procedure, performed by Dr. Bryan Jick.

6. We have a Medi-spa, Marina's Oasis, on the premises.

Marina's Oasis, our medical aesthetics center, provides a wide range of non-invasive corrective services to enhance the health and appearance of your skin. We proudly offer the Liquid Face Lift with Botox® Cosmetic, Juvederm® XC dermal fillers (Ultra, Ultra Plus, Voluma, and Volbella), and Kybella®; IPL PhotoFacials and non-ablative laser PhotoFractionals; adult and teen clinical skin care (Microneedling, Designer peels, Dermaplaning, and MicroDerm).

7. We have a large, well-equipped procedure room.

We can perform many Gyn procedures in the office that other practices might require be done in the Hospital Operating Room (O.R.). This can save you time and expense. We fully inform you about the pros and cons of having your procedure done in our office or the O.R. and will let you choose where you prefer to have it done.

8. We have free Wi-Fi in the office.

You can use your iPad, iPhone or iWhatever to keep yourself (and your kids!) occupied while waiting.

9. We are adjacent to Huntington Hospital in the Huntington Pavilion.

Our office is in the Huntington Pavilion, South Lobby, 2nd floor. Our building also features the Randall Breast Center for mammograms, the Hill Imaging Center, the Huntington Ambulatory Surgery Center and the Huntington Hospital Pre-Op center.

10. Convenience, Caring, Cutting Edge

Our logo says it all.

Convenience: We have the convenience of our location, parking, as well as ultrasound, fetal monitoring and a lab all located in our office.

Caring: You will feel this the moment you walk into our office. We have a very friendly and caring staff and providers.

Cutting Edge: We are a high-tech office, utilizing advanced digital check-in software, text and e-mail reminders, text messaging directly to patients, digital web portal which includes online payment, cloud-based electronic medical records system, electronic prescribing, and more.

Our ultrasound machines are all brand new or close to new, being replaced regularly. A new one just arrived in November 2020. We keep our website current and send e-mail newsletters to help keep patients informed, more important then ever due to ever changing COVID guidelines and precautions.

Our mission statement

"Our mission is to provide exceptional, personalized women’s health care in a warm and welcoming environment, to incorporate modern technology in our practice and to be at the forefront of knowledge in our field."

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