Insurance Plans

We accept most major medical insurance except HMO or Medi-Cal. This includes indemnity insurance, PPO (Preferred Provider Organization), HSA (Health Savings Accounts), POS (Point-of-Service) and some EPO plans. We offer discounts to cash paying patients.

Fair Oaks Women’s Health is part of the Huntington-Cedars system. This means we accept insurances that are accepted by Huntington-Cedars. When we were acquired, we learned that Huntington-Cedars was not in-network for some of the plans we used to be on.

We apologize for the difficulties this has caused. For some patients we are now out-of-network, and some plans do not offer out-of-network benefits, meaning our group becomes a cash only option.

If you've not been seen since April 1, 2023, please contact us to verify if we are still in-network for your health insurance provider.

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