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The Painting

Here's the story about this portrait that I’d love to share with you.

"10 years ago I found out I was pregnant with our princess. A coworker of mine at the time recommended FOWH - specifically you Dr Jick. She vouched that you are the best dr she’s ever had. We finally met you in your office. In your office there was this portrait - gosh it touched my heart that I began to cry when we left. The goddess in this portrait represents the universe, she wrapping her feathers around this baby and chose me to become a mommy, chose us to become parents to this precious angel. I was in a dark place 10 years ago, but the Universe, God, our Angels and Saints changed my life by bringing Juan into my life and gave me the gift of life. I promised myself 10 years ago I will get this portrait tattooed on me and finally it became reality. Thank you Dr Jick and FOWH for becoming part of my family with all three pregnancies..... Love you all !!!!"

JL Dec 2020 Pasadena

"Dr. Fan very helpful..."

"My recent visit with Dr. Fan very helpful. She is extremely nice and takes the time to hear your concerns, and to explain the appropriate medical steps needed to assess them. I highly recommend her and am happy to have found her."

- AC 9/23 (Google)

"Dr. Mitri always treats me with respect..."

"It doesn't matter how big or small my medical issue is, Dr. Mitri always treats me with respect, patience and dignity. He takes the time to REALLY listen to my concerns, even if I make no sense sometimes in my explanations and say the wrong medical terms. He works WITH me to try to figure out a solution as a team, rather than just a doctor trying to give a quick fix or solution. I could go on about how wonderful of a Doctor he is, but to sum it up, Dr. Mitri really holds the bar high for all the rest of my doctors."

- RC 9/23 (Google)


"WOW. I cannot say enough good things. I have a medical condition that makes pelvic exams painful and difficult, and historically I have DREADED the annual exam or even outright avoided it. I was referred here by my pelvic PT and I am so grateful. Dr. Fong was kind, compassionate, patient, and best of all the exam was easy and painless. I am so so grateful to have found Dr. Fong."

- JB (Google)

"Mandy is always so thorough and caring."

"Mandy is always so thorough and caring. She takes time to listen to what is happening and talk through all suggested remedies. She offers follow-up appointments so I can leave knowing I'll be able to check in with her again soon if needed."

- KF (Google)

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