Dr Shweta Shah

Shweta K. Shah, DO, FACOG


My Journey

“My journey has allowed me to grow personally and professionally; made me culturally competent and given me an opportunity to reflect on my own ability as well as identify areas in need of improvement. I am confident that my perseverance, integrity, and dedication will enable me to be a well-rounded physician. Every hurdle I have faced has made me stronger, more mature and taught me new lessons. I am prepared for a lifelong commitment of staying abreast of a complex, dynamic and ever-expanding body of knowledge so I can become the best ob/gyn physician possible.”

  • Medical License (DO): California, since 2022. License: 20A20283
  • Board-Certified: American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, since 2021
  • Email Dr. Shah: drshah@fowh.com

Click here for a pdf biography of Dr. Shweta K. Shah.