Pasadena, California Botox and Spider Vein Removal

Claudia Delgado

Lead Medical Assistant

Claudia is an Ob/Gyn back office veteran. She started her career in 1989, and worked with Dr. Jick for many years in the 1990's, before Dr. Jick started Fair Oaks Women's Health. With Cedars her title is now Lead Medical Assistant.

Claudia enjoys the bonds that she has been forming with patients over the years. She loves seeing the joy when a patient becomes pregnant, all the way through the pregnancy’s ups and downs, to the proud visits of new moms, showcasing their adorable newborns!

Claudia enjoys outdoor recreation, especially fishing, jet skiing, and other water sports. Claudia has a pet dog, part pit bull, named Kahlua, and she loves anything to do with dolphins (the sea mammal, not the football team). She also really loves her niece and they spend a lot of time together.