Sleep Quality - PROMIS short form

Sleep Quality

The PROMIS Sleep Disturbance instrument (short form) assesses self-reported perceptions of sleep quality, sleep depth, and restoration associated with sleep. This includes difficulties and concerns with getting to sleep or staying asleep, as well as adequacy of and satisfaction with sleep.

Sleep Disturbance does not focus on specific sleep disorders and does not provide estimates of sleep hours. The Sleep Disturbance form assesses sleep disturbance over the past seven days.

There are 8 questions; each has a "raw" score from 1 to 5. The total raw score ranges from 8 to 40. Scoring requires using the table on the right to look up the "T-score" corresponding to the raw score. Try to answer every question.

The T-scores are interpreted as follows:

  • 55.0—59.9 = Mild
  • 60.0—69.9 = Moderate
  • 70 and over = Severe